Is There Such A Thing As A "Natural Cesarean"? [Video]

A family-friendly c-section? Yes!

Recently I wrote about radio music playing during a c-section. The post generated some discussion:  Several moms found the music either pleasant, funny or irrelevant; some brought their own tunes for planned cesareans. One women wrote in that she had to endure “We Built This City” by Starship (groan) during the birth of her son. A friend told me that she felt like she had been wheeled into an auto-shop; mechanics “worked on” her with Top 40 hits blaring.

The same day I posted on this topic, a childbirth educator I know sent me a fascinating video all about mother-friendly c-sections: Doctors and nurses in a UK hospital have taken it upon themselves to reverse this “auto-shop” trend, and find ways to be more considerate of parents and babies during c-sections.

I think this video shows some really great innovations in c-section protocol; but really, this kind of care should be a no-brainer. It doesn’t cost more or require any new gadgetry. Mostly it’s just courtesy and respect during the birth and a desire to support mom and baby in their first hours and days together. Makes sense to me.