It's A Huge Shock!!


Just when I thought the shocks in my life were complete after learning about a very unexpected third child, the biggest shocks of all came today during out ultrasound.

To keep all my followers on twitter on edge… on the drive home I tweeted “Ahhhh!” which of course was my genuine feeling at that moment. Although I don’t think it has fully set in for me, or any of my family members including my mother. Six grandson’s already, she was convinced a third boy was in store for our family.

Some on twitter thought we magically found a hidden twin. I guess I really had everyone going!

All in all, we are thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into our family come May. It is the icing on our surprise cake, and a perfect way to round out our complete family. While we did want a little girl, a healthy baby was our ultimate goal, and we got that! Just in the form of sugar, and spice, and everything nice!

If you want a good cry, tune in to the YouTube video below of my husband and I finding out what our little bundle of joy is!

On a side note, I am totally bummed out we won’t get to use the boy name we FINALLY agreed on last week!