It's Global Belly Laugh Day, And You've Got the Belly For It


It’s January, which is apparently the month of invented holidays. Many of these seem expressly designed to cheer us out of our desperate winter doldrums. For example, today’s holiday is Global Belly Laugh Day, to be celebrated by a wave of well-timed laughter around the world.

If anyone’s a candidate for a good belly laugh, it’s you, my large-bellied friend.

Did you know that your laughter can be heard inside the womb? And that laughter can help reduce some considerable pregnancy risks?

Stress is thought to increase the risk of pregnancy complications and may impact fetal development. Laughter is a known stress reliever and mood enhancer. And as your pregnancy doesn’t allow you a wide range of external sources of stress relief and mood enhancement, I’d say a good gut laugh is as good a thing to try as any.

If you’re not the type to be able to work up a guffaw without inspiration (I know I’m not), I’ve listed a few sites below that might hit your particular funny bone.

Babble’s Video Page : Laughing babies, kid antics and more.

Let’s Panic About Babies: High-brow hilarity about pregnancy, babies, and parenthood

Pregnancy Videos on Funny or Die

Read more about Global Belly Laugh Day. Happy laughing!

photo: Tudor/flickr