Jade Duell is Pregnant, Owen Wilson's Going To Be a Daddy


owen wilsonOwen Wilson and his girlfriend, Jade Duell, are due to have a baby in 2011. a rep for the actor told Entertainment Weekly. I have no idea who Jade Duell is because the only things that came up when I googled her were about her being pregnant with Owen Wilson’s baby. Also, there are no apparent pictures of Jade Duell available on all of the Internets except for something that looked like a Facebook profile picture. So I can only assume from this that Owen Wilson is having a baby with Jade Buell, a non-famous person.

Most of the information related to this news has centered around 2 things about Owen Wilson.

1) Owen Wilson, currently starring in Little Fockers, should be able to learn a thing or two about parenting from the humorous cinematic examples therein.

2) Owen Wilson is old enough to make the following joke:

“Wilson, currently starring in Little Fockers, will become a father for the first time at the tender young age of 42.”

Which made me feel a little depressed.

I wonder if that nose is genetic.