Jailhouse Letters Reveal Casey Anthony Wants To Get Pregnant Or Adopt

Casey says she wants to get pregnant or adopt.

Casey Anthony has been in jail for three years.  After being acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee yesterday, today might very well be the last day Anthony spends behind bars.

So what’s next for Anthony? The mother a majority of the world believes killed her toddler? If dozens of jailhouse letters she previously wrote are to be believed, when she gets out she’s looking to get pregnant and start over.

NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders is reminding people about a jailhouse letter written by Anthony, saying when she gets out, she wanted to “get pregnant, and have another baby.”

24-year-old Anthony exchanged about 50 handwritten letters with fellow inmate, Robyn Adams, who the defense team ultimately called a snitch.

In the letters, released about a year ago, Anthony accused her father and brother of molesting her.  According to, she also discussed a miscarriage she says she suffered in 2007.  Anthony even mentions her desire to adopt children.  “So many kids and teens are homeless, and that’s something I want to target, and … missing children as well. That sits close to my heart, and I wish there was something we could do to prevent it,” Anthony wrote.

What are your thoughts about Casey Anthony having another child?