January 2011 Calendar (A Must Have!)


I’m all kinds of worried about how I haven’t documented my second pregnancy as much as the first. I’m just glad he’s a boy because maybe he won’t care as much about the monthly documentation of a pregnant mama? Wishful thinking? Maybe?

Anyway, it’s 2011.  Time to get your new calendar.  While picking one up you may want to consider a second option as well.  Yesterday my husband brought home a Baby’s First Year Calendar. Have you seen these? They’re fantastic. When Violet was born we were gifted with one of these at a baby shower. In lieu of a baby book we just marked up the calendar. First smile, first laugh, first everything. And it’s so easy because it’s hanging up right there by her crib.

I updated it regularly with all sorts of things. First visit to grandma’s house, first time she rolled over etc… They have fancy, little stickers that say “first bottle” and “first Christmas” that make it easy. I figure I updated it way more than I would’ve updated a regular baby book that I would’ve had to dig out of whatever corner I shoved it in.

Seeing the calendar every day reminded me to jot stuff down on the fly and as a result I have a calendar jam packed with Violet’s first year. Everything from first sneeze to first tooth.

Here’s a list of tons of Baby’s First Year Calendars off Amazon. And here’s a list of the bestselling baby calendars of We got ours (this very one) at Barnes & Noble but you can get ’em everywhere. Add it to your registry now!

Happy New Year!

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