Jennifer Lopez and Pregnancy Advice? Not So Much.

Preggo advice to J. Lo a no-no.

Ah J. Lo. Welcome back, girl. We’ve all missed you. And fear not. I, for one, am not fooled by the rocks that you got. You’re still — you’re still — Jenny from the block in my book. And though I’ve yet to watch, it’s comforting to know that you’re planting your famous backside between Steven Tyler  and Randy Johnson each and every week as you give aspiring singers advice they so sorely need.

But if you’re looking to J. Lo for pregnancy advice, you’re looking in the wrong place.

At least that’s what I gathered after reading a piece on UK’s Parenting Dish website. They reported that the American Idol judge recently told OK Magazine that when she was pregnant, she found all the unsolicited baby tips to be “annoying.”

Can you hang on for just a second? I need to take a quick look outside my office window to see if I can spy any pigs flying. I know. Not likely. Yet neither is this: I totally agree with J. Lo on something. It is annoying how everyone in the world who’s ever had a child is suddenly a child expert. And I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the market for parenting advice? I tend to seek it from folks who have the letters “PhD” following their name, assuming they earned those letters in a field germane to my inquiry.

I’m constantly amazed at the unsolicited feedback my wife gets. The funny thing is that when she was pregnant with triplets, no one said BOO to her. I suppose that’s because, comparatively speaking, no one’s really carried three babies at once. But one baby? Oh yeah. Everyone’s done that. So this time around, Caroline’s getting pointers by the hour.

But you know what’s even more annoying than a woman giving a pregnant woman unsolicited tips pertaining to her pregnancy? A man giving a pregnant woman’s husband unsolicited advice. Which is what I’ve been getting from relatively wet-behind-the-ear, newbie types who think the 18-month-old in the stroller he’s pushing has magically transformed him into Dr. Spock.

Not only are these guys like two touchdowns younger than me, but they also fail to realize that I used to change more diapers in a week than they have yet to change in their entire life.

Still, it’s hard to fault someone for just trying to be helpful. But if only more folks thought like J. Lo, the world would be a better place.

Hah. J. Lo making the world a better place. Certainly never thought I’d find myself writing that.

Can you hang on for just a second? I need to take a quick look outside my office window to see if I can spy any pigs flying.

What’s the most annoying unsolicited piece of advice you’ve gotten during your pregnancy?

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