Just When I Thought It Was Smooth Sailing We Hit A Bump

Well, I guess I updated a little early yesterday because today, I went back for my second round of the steroid shot {for the Littles lung development} and basically had a very intense doctor appointment.

My OBGYN practice is filled with 3 doctors who I see on a regular basis. Yesterday, I went in for my regular 32 week check-up and saw the very laid back doctor who I adore. However, he is laid back. So today, I was seeing the very conservative proactive old fashioned doc and well, he had everyone working for me quickly and before I knew it the room was filling with nurses and staff. He was on a mission. And here’s why.

As I talked about yesterday my iron has hit an all-time low and it’s causing quite the issues. You may remember reading about my pass unexpected stay in the hospital thanks to a kidney infection and kidney issues I have had. Hold that thought. I found out my sugar is slightly elevated so I will be following a low sugar diet and checking my sugar multiplies times a day. Well you know that “your head bone is connected to your thigh bone” song from pre-school well, that is about where my body is at right now. Everything is connecting together with these issues. The kidney issues could be because of my body not breaking down sugar correctly and the anemia isn’t helping my kidneys one little bit. Not to mention, I still have those lovely gallstones and my gallbladder that I need to have taken out 6 weeks after delivery.

I pretty much feel like my body is starting to shut-down and I am doing everything to power through these last few weeks. I am so thankful the little man is hanging on and still bakin’ but I just wish my body could hang on for me a little longer and not shut down right now.

Little man is almost 4 lbs now and measuring a little over a week and half bigger as am I. Not to mention, while they were measuring me today my doctor felt a pretty strong contraction. He was stunned that I thought this was just a braxton hick and said how often do you get them. Little did he know I get them all the time, all day. I seriously didn’t think they were anything which is sometimes why I hate having a high tolerance for pain. Not trying to have the baby in the car! So, after he felt a few of those he told me to please take it easy and that’s when he went into full panic mode because he swears I am delivering around 35-36 weeks especially with a changing cervix.

So next up – IV iron infusions. I am meeting with a hematologist early next week and will be starting as soon as possible. Basically, I need 2-3 weeks before delivery to get this iron to absorb so that if I have any blood loss at delivery I won’t need a blood transfusion especially if the little one still is breech and I have to have a c-section. I can’t wait to write the I had him and everything is perfect post. I hope one day soon, well after 37 weeks I can. I am super-nervous about the iron infusions. I am not going to lie. Please, let me know if you had them; I could use the support and good vibes.

These last few weeks I was doing so well and it was smooth sailing. But now, with these apparently strong contractions, iron infusions, cervix change, high sugar and well, my high-risk list is never-ending. I am just praying these next few weeks fly by and my health is back to where it needs to be.   I want to feel like me again. I am sick of being sick and tired. But I also keep in mind that someone out there as it way worse than me and I just need to deal with it. Which I am doing but helping vent to you always helps get out the frustration of having a high-risk pregnancy. I hope you don’t mind. Until next week…..let’s hope things don’t get worse. Happy Thoughts! 

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