Kate Hudson Pregnant: Another Baby With Another Frontman


Kate Hudson is pregnant again, and the Baby Daddy is another rock musician.

Kate has been seeing Matthew Bellamy, the frontman of the band Muse, for what is apparently a fairly brief time….but not so brief that she can’t be 14 weeks pregnant with his baby.

That Kate Hudson is really into rock musicians! And her most acclaimed role was playing a groupie in Almost Famous…coincidence?

The last time Kate made big news, it was for getting her breasts enlarged. Again…coincidence?

Kate will be happy to know that breast implants should have no negative impact on her ability to breastfeed.  (I’m guessing her doctor told her this already).  She may be less happy to know that her estranged father has reportedly told the media that he’s hoping the new baby will help him reconnect with his daughter, who apparently isn’t so into connecting with him.

Kate, 32, has a son, Ryder, with Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson. Ryder, reknowned for his radical hairstyling, is 7.

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photo: PR photos