Kate Hudson Talks Pregnancy Brain


Kate Hudson says pregnancy makes her feel stoned. It’s the pregnancy brain, she claims. It’s spacing her out.

If you haven’t head about “pregnancy brain,” it’s the condition whereby expecting mothers forget very important things like where their new socks are.  I believe there was once a study about key-misplacing.

My husband kindly remarked when I was 38 weeks that I had the mind of  a “tranquilized kangaroo.”

So what is happening to pregnant women? Are they essentially stoned? Well, kinda.

Women in late pregnancy do actually have smaller brains. The brain literally, and temporarily, shrinks. But, there’s increased activity in certain areas of the brain-mostly those that relate to behaviors and responses new mothers need to care for their young. There’s a bit more empathy, a bit more vigilance. It’s all incredibly nuanced, but the bottom line seems to be that pregnant women can be very spaced out but only about things that don’t pertain to the caring for and survival of their offspring.

I really was a lot like a “tranquilized kangaroo,” but my attention to the details of my pregnancy, the pending birth and preparations for a new baby were not at all vague. In fact, in those areas I probably could have used a touch more spaciness.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that stoners are highly observant and intelligent but only about the thing they’re keyed into. Multitasking is chaos. They can also seem smaller-brained at times. But my understanding of the pregnant brain is actually based on reading several books on the subject and my understanding of the stoner brain is based on rather unscientific, informal observations conducted mostly in the late 90s.

In any event, I’m guessing Ms. Hudson carries her stoner-like state beautifully. She seems to follow in the footsteps of her mother who is, after all, an icon of brilliant ditz.