Keeping Special Needs Kids Connected To The Pregnancy


I have three boys on the autism spectrum, and it’s been a fascinating journey so far as we prepare the kids for a new baby. I work to help them get and stay connected, but it’s definitely a process.

I don’t have experience with “typical” kids, so I don’t know exactly how other kids might react to a pregnancy. I’ve anecdotally heard enough to know that they often imagine life with a new brother or sister and understand that a new family member is coming. 

My boys vary in age (from 4 to almost 9) so we have different reactions going on, but one thing is consistent among them – they aren’t really grasping what is happening. They are emotionally connected, which is a very good start, but it’s still too abstract for them to really role play in their mind what is to come.

I do all sorts of things to help with their connection to this baby. I talk about the baby as a person, as a family member, constantly. I talk about what our daily life will be like – constantly. I have them feel the belly and talk to the belly, trying to help them understand that the baby can hear them now. I imagine I do everything mom’s of regular kids do, I just have to do it way more often.

Do you have any special needs kids at home?  What tips do you have for helping them connect and stay connected to the upcoming arrival?