Kidney Stone From Hell...

As if pregnancy isn’t bad enough with all the aches and pains and strange feelings you are trying to over-analyze at 9 at night, I got the scare of a lifetime yesterday.

I had been crampy and just feeling off all day long, I made dinner and in reality had no desire to eat at all. I forced dinner down and headed to bed to relax and get my feet up. About an hour into resting I got up to go to the little girls room, and that is when sheer horror set in.

Blood… and lots of it.

I instantly flipped out and called my midwife, who sent me to the closest labor and delivery unit, not even at the hospital I am planning to deliver at. Of course, the whole situation had me on the verge of losing it.

They got me into labor and delivery, took urine and hooked me up to the monitors to see what was going on. Baby was perfect, strong heartbeat and flipping around like a mad woman… but my uterus was certainly irritated by whatever was going on. A hand full of mild contractions but nothing to really be worried about.

Thank God!

When my urine came back, they told me that the blood was obviously from my urine and not from any issue with the baby, another huge sign of relief, although a new kind of panic set in. I knew exactly why there was blood in my urine, and I knew exactly why my back was killing me. Another kidney stone… dun dun dun!

I can only flash back to the last time I battled a kidney stone while I was pregnant and it was not pretty at all. Let me set the scene…

26 weeks pregnant (hmm sounds familiar!), and I was told again to head to the emergency room, where I was in such bad pain I was crying and literally lying on the floor. I could not get comfortable for the life of me anywhere else while they continued to make me wait… yes, they were taking in the old guy with the sniffles and the lady with the stubbed toe as I made a scene on the floor praying the pain would stop. I eventually got a room, which I think was really a broom closet they shoved me in to shut me up and had an ultrasound on my kidney, which showed the stone itself had busted a move and was trying to make an exit.  Trying being the key word in that sentence.

For what seemed like eternity, the ER staff pumped me full of apple juice, IV fluids and morphine in an attempt to keep me comfortable and help this sucker pass. Although I must say I had the best male nurse – very, very Greg Focker-ish.

Finally about four hours into what I thought was death, I passed the stone, and between my poor mother who was there comforting me and the hospital staff who had been dealing with me, I got a standing ovation, followed by a holy shit! That is the biggest kidney stone I have ever seen! from Greg 2.0.

My last kidney stone had to be surgically removed 5 weeks after my youngest son was born, which has me incredibly worried. Especially because there is really nothing they can do for me surgically while I am pregnant. And there is no way I can deal with all the pain, blood scares, and on and off contractions while being a mom of two toddlers… for a whole 13 weeks.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for today, so we can get the scoop on what this stone has in store for me. Although, the comedy is already starting. While making the appointment they requested three hours before my appointment I drink 16 ounces of water and hold it… Bwahaha!  Yeah good luck on that one… The best you are getting out of this bladder is 45 minutes at most these days!


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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