Lady Gaga is Afraid of Babies


Lady Gaga is taking a stand apart from the celebrity breeding frenzy. “I’m terrified of babies,” she tells Rolling Stone Magazine. “I think, creatively, as a woman, you change once you give birth,” she explains. “I’m totally not ready for that.”

I find it so refreshing to hear a famous person acknowledge that a baby is a real life change, beyond a love multiplier and lovely accessory. Yes, children actually make an impact on your career and creativity.

Lady Gaga is 24, and I felt exactly the same way at her age. My 20s were about being creative and working constantly; I had no time for baby lust, and besides, there was none to be had. I couldn’t even relate to the urge until I was after 30. I sometimes regret not having kids earlier, but I know it really wasn’t a realistic option for me- I just wasn’t ready. There’s no right age to have a kid, in my opinion.  But a survey of mothers would almost definitely show that it’s more complicated to do creative work with kids than without them, whether it’s about the focus or the time.

So I guess we won’t be getting any Googoo Gaga baby-themed lyrical fodder anytime soon. And I must admit to being a teeny bit disappointed we won’t get to see how Gaga works the big belly into her style statements. That bubble dress would look fabulous reprised with a centerpiece.

photo:  Janet Mayer / PR Photos