Laughing Baby Video - Something To Look Forward To


laughing baby video
I take it you’ve seen the latest laughing baby video?  The cute baby that is laughing hysterically at his dad ripping paper. (The paper’s actually a rejection letter!) This video is up to 6.5 MILLION views and after the recent publicity on the Today Show and Rachel Ray Show – those views are surely to keep increasing.

Something To Look Forward To

I’ve watched this video 3 times now. Each time I smile and take in the happy and cute of this baby. This baby gives me something to look forward to.

The upcoming months of pregnancy woahs, the painful labor, the aftermath of delivery, the weeks that turn into months of sleepless nights, those will pass. Some day, almost a year from now – I’ll be looking back – as my little baby is laughing his or her head off. I just need to keep my eye on that goal and embrace these little bumps along the way.

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