Learning To Hold Babies

Nope. This isn't my baby.

I think there may be something in the water, because it seems like everyone I know is having babies.

This is lucky for me, because I know very little about them.  I may be a preschool teacher and have a ton of experience working with kids, but three-year-olds are very different from infants.  Obviously.  In the past week I’ve had more baby time than I’ve had in the past year before this.

I brought food to a couple of new mama friends of mine and got to practice holding their babies and then Thursday evening I got to go meet my cousin’s new little one Harlow.  She had just been born that morning and she was definitely the youngest baby I’d ever held.

At first I was a little nervous, but the more baby holding I did, the more confident I became.

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I’m hoping that all this practice will help me feel more prepared when my little lady arrives in January.  I’m especially glad that my cousin’s little girl will be around for me to get the most practice on.  That way I won’t feel so much like I’m flying blind when I’m the one in the mama’s seat.

But, I honestly wonder if there’s any way to truly feel prepared for motherhood and having an infant beforehand or if it’s something you just figure out as you go?  That’s how I felt about marriage.  I read about a hundred marriage books and my husband and I went through pre-marital counseling, but then once we were married some of those rules and ideas from the books went out the window and we just kind of figured it out.  Is having a baby kind of similar?

Did/do you feel prepared for having a baby?

Do you think you can really be that prepared – or do you think parenting is something you just figure out as you go?