Life at 24 Weeks

Still seeing my toes....

I’m 24 weeks along. So, does that make me six months pregnant? This tracking system always confuses me a bit, since I’m not due for three and a half more months. (With how much I have to accomplish I’ll take that half month, thank you very much.)

Here is my 24-week breakdown: A glance at how my life looks (scroll down for pics), and a summary of how things are going in this belly of mine.

Due in or around December? I’d love to hear how you’re doing too!

Size of baby: She weighs just over a pound and is about as long as an ear of corn, though that ear would be nice and filled out.

Weight gain: 15 pounds. I think I lied last time; I had gained more like ten pounds. But I was still surprised to learn that I gained five pounds in one month. I’m kinda hoping this rate will slow down.

How I’m Feeling: I feel good, and round. I have Braxton Hicks contractions that occasionally leave me flushed with a very rapid heartrate. I got very lightheaded during one, but that hasn’t happened since. I carry Tums with me everywhere to fight heartburn. I am feeling grateful to be carrying this baby, and reminded of what a miracle it is when they are born without any complications.

What I’m Craving: I’m surprised to say this, but I crave very little right now. Usually nothing sounds good, especially for dinner—except frozen yogurt, and a lot of it.

What I’m Wearing: Anything that will keep me cool and comfortable. For now, I still wear a lot of no-waist or high-waist dresses as well as a great pair of cotton maternity pants from H&M that are the bomb.

If You Saw Me Today: Hair down (hold the phone, I actually curled it). Wearing a long, striped, black-and-white maternity dress with a big necklace thingy and easy black sandals. Looking quite pregnant, with a much rounder face than I had six months ago. Sitting on the bench near the sandbox, sweat causing my sunglasses to slide down my face, and constantly blowing my nose thanks to the cold that is compounding my pregnancy congestion.

Movement: It seems this baby is more active every day. I get lots of repeated punches and kicks, and I can feel her whole body roll over from time to time … and see it, too. Those ones usually get a “whoa!” out of me.

Sleep: I’m having an easier time falling asleep, but more trouble staying that way, not only because my bladder seems to be the size of a pea, but also because I can’t get comfortable. I also wake up on my back a lot, which is apparently not the best way for a pregnant woman to be sleeping.

What I Miss: Not straining to put my child in the car. Not worrying about straining my body, in general. My previous desire to exercise, which has totally waned. Taking any and all cough and cold medications.

Best Moment So Far: Sharing the news of our baby girl with my family, in person. (I don’t live near any relatives, so this was a rare treat.)

Gender: Still a girl, as far as I know. I have another ultrasound next week, so I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Here are some recent pics of me … and mine. All three of us.

  • image-780 1 of 7
    Then: 22 weeks
  • image-781 2 of 7
    Now: 24 weeks
  • image-782 3 of 7
    View from the top
  • image-783 4 of 7
    Turn to the front
  • image-784 5 of 7
    A calm moment, where I like to hang out.
  • image-785 6 of 7
    A sweet moment, with the person I hang out with.
  • image-786 7 of 7
    Maybe too sweet.

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