Living Social: $20 Amazon Gift Card For $10


Expectant mamas looking to stock up on baby items, this one’s for you!  This website, LivingSocial, is apparently offering a $20 Amazon Gift Card for just $10!  It’s like doubling your money during a round of blackjack!  Except instead of booze and hookers you can buy bottles and onesies!

There is a Limit of 1 per person, and no gifting allowed. Amazon Gift Card will not expire. Plus if you are new to LivingSocial you will get a $5 credit!

It’s supposed to last all day, but who knows? So get clicking. I know I could get a couple much-needed items on my Amazon Wish List.

You can find the link after the jump!

Head here to Living Social to get your $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10. Let me know if it works!