Making Important Decisions with an Audience

Photo : Nick White/Photodisc/Getty Images

Since I started blogging on my own website, and now here on Babble with a much larger audience, there is one thing I have noticed, and something I am surely going to have to become more comfortable with. Making big life changing decisions on a stage.  Open for public opinion, criticism, and sometimes downright rude comments.

So many pregnancy issues, topics, and decisions are hot topics already, but to be discussing sometimes off beat choices can spark quite the debate.

This is beginning with the biggest decision I will probably have to make through my pregnancy, which is going into labor on my own, and trying for a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 C-sections) or scheduling a repeat cesarean for medical reasons. I never thought this would be a choice I would have to make. And it is something that is not sitting comfortable because of my background with my previous two births.

Other hot topic choices will certainly be breastfeeding, which I am planning to do, after having one child breastfed, and having no choice but to formula feed my second after learning he couldn’t tolerate my milk. Co-sleeping or using a crib, we will be co-sleeping, like we have done safely with all of our children. Diapers, diapers… cloth diapers it will be for this little one once we are home from the hospital.Flu shots, and prenatal testing… Cravings and diet choices… There will always be someone who is going to disagree.

On that note, we are all adults here right?  In these tough choices, we should be supporting each other, learning more about the options, and decisions we maybe wouldn’t normally make in our own lives, instead of casting  judgment and putting each other down because of the unknown, or choices we aren’t educated on.

Over the next months, join me in learning, and expanding your knowledge of different ways of parenting, and choices you could possibly make for yourself or children one day.

And remember, we all have feelings, lets not hurt one and other!