Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, Makes a Quick Stop to Give Birth on the Way to the Office


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gave birth yesterday to a baby boy. Her publicist announced that Mayer would be returning to work within one to two weeks.

Mothers across the land wonder when will her brain return to work? Maybe by October 22 when she is scheduled to explain the blueprint for her Yahoo rehabilitation.

“The birth of Mayer’s boy comes three weeks before the CEO will share her blueprint for infusing Yahoo Inc. with new life. She plans to make her first extensive public remarks about her strategy in the company’s third-quarter earnings call scheduled for Oct. 22,” reports the Associated Press.

While Mayer remains an inspiration to many women for her corporate accomplishments and for being part of a pioneering moment–the hiring of a pregnant women to lead a company,  it’s important that her decision not become a model that companies use to pressure women into not taking what measly maternity leave most businesses offer. The danger is that women who don’t do what she’s doing will be perceived as selfish, unserious, and not a team-player.

It makes you wonder, though, if a man who had just grown an entire human being in his gut, and pushed it out with great effort, and now is dealing with sleepless nights and plugged ducts, might have been able to move the big blueprint session to, say, mid-November.


Ceridwen Morris (CCE) is a childbirth educator and the co-author of the pregnancy and birth guide From The Hips. Follow her blogging on Facebook.