Maternity Fashion: I Need Something to Wear to my Shower!


My sister is having a small baby shower for me in two weeks, well at this point it is a little less than two weeks, but hey… who is counting?

But I have a problem… I cannot find anything cute to wear. When it came to my first baby shower with my oldest son, I wore a pair of maternity jeans, a black maternity top that was on the border of not fitting anymore, and my famous Adidas sandals, because frankly, comfort was my first priority.

Since then, I have certainly expanded in my sense of fashion, but I am coming up short on something to wear. Should I get a cute dress, or maybe a nice top?  But this is where my readers come in because I have exhausted myself out looking online for something I would like that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg for something I may wear twice before this baby comes, and never wear again.

There are so many websites with good deals, Gilt, Baby Steals, Rue La La, which I am members of, but the rest are simply foreign concepts to me. So this is where I need help!

I am a petite person, I am 4’10” and pre pregnancy I max out at 115 pounds. Yes, I am a couple inches short of a midget, but I like it down here!   Often makes it impossible to find cute clothing that actually fits me properly.

So any help from my fashionista’s out there… would be greatly appreciated!