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Me, Tina Fey and Pregnant Hollywood: Are We in Good Company?

By Meredith Carroll |

Tina Fey

Tina Fey and I might not have much in common, which is why it's kind of fun (for me, at least) to be knocked up at the same time

I’m thankful to read that Tina Fey is pregnant with her second child. Not because the gift of life is a miracle and I’m happy for her that she’s blessed to experience it again, or because her daughter will have a sibling to stand by her in life or because two is better than one. To be sure, all of those things are lovely, but until her announcement I was starting to worry that only C-list celebrities were going to join me during my pregnancy.

When I was pregnant the first time it was alongside A-listers like Angelina Jolie (with the twins) and Nicole Kidman (Sunday Rose). Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s pregnancy dragged down our pregnancy Q rating a little, but she was due a few months after us, so all was basically forgiven. Plus, Minnie Driver was also knocked up at the same time, so they kind of canceled each other out.

Sure, this time there are Kate Hudson and Natalie Portman, but they seem to be due a few months ahead of me, and once you get your pre-baby body back (or if you never lost it in the first place), you kind of don’t count. There’s also Mariah Carey, although she’s really in her own universe. But then there’s Alyssa Milano (what has she done for me lately, other than the Who’s the Boss complete series DVD box set?), the lesser of the Deschanel sisters (it’s not personal; the movie star in the family will always trump the TV star), Jewel (when you have a hit song in 1997 are you still considered a celebrity in 2011?) and Kevin Federline’s girlfriend. I mean, come on.

But Tina Fey changes everything. She revealed at an Oprah taping yesterday that she’s five months along, so we will pretty much have the same due date. It’s nice to be having the same experience (kind of, except not) as a celebrity who’s not classically glamorous, but who is seriously awesome.

I read the celebrity tabloids like it’s my job (although sadly, no one seems to want to pay me to do it), and I find some comfort — or sport — in being pregnant at the same time as Hollywood stars. It’s nice to see formerly flawless beauties transform into someone’s mom at the same time I am. (And by transform, I mean gain weight.) Especially if I have no friends who are pregnant at the same time as me. Not that the celebs are my friends (although I’m sure if they met me they’d love me), but I know so much about them that it’s nice to relate to them on any level, but particularly the pregnant level.

Pregnancy humanizes them a little, too. Like, last time I wondered, “Does Angelina tell Brad if she pees a little when she sneezes?” or did Nicole’s OBGYN also make her hold on the phone forever while waiting for results of her nuchal translucency?

The only downside of being pregnant with Tina is the possibility that my kid will eventually realize Fey’s kid was born at the same time and stay awake at night wondering why she also couldn’t have been born to the author of “Bossypants” (the newest addition to my Kindle) instead. Still, to be in such good company, it’s a chance I’m happy to take.

Do you take note of the celebrities who are pregnant when you are?

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4 thoughts on “Me, Tina Fey and Pregnant Hollywood: Are We in Good Company?

  1. Bea says:

    What a funny post! I totally look to see which celebs are pregnant at the same time! With my first, there was Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie (Shiloh) and Gwen Stefani (Kingston). Thinking of my due date this time around, I think only Alyssa Milano and Tina Fay are at the same time. It’s funny that I think I’m in a race with them since they don’t usually disclose their due dates, and I try to guess who will give birth first. Its kind of a fun mindless thing to think about when reality gets crazy. ;)

  2. Meredith Carroll says:

    @Bea — Ooooh —– I think you just reminded me that Gwen Stefani was pregnant with her second one around the same time as my first one. It is mindless fun to try to figure out their due dates and if they’re bigger than you, isn’t it?

  3. Abby says:

    I may be alone here, but I count Posh in our group too (I’m due late July — must be around when you are?)! I think she’s about 5-6 months along right now.

  4. Meredith Carroll says:

    @Abby — Right! I forgot about Posh. I wouldn’t call her A-list exactly, but I can’t wait to watch her get fat nevertheless. :)

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