Men Feel The Pain Too, You Know


Henry is a month old today.

Now that I’m finally getting the hang of this two kids thing, I’m going to throw more pictures and video at you than you really care to see.  Unless you’re creepy and kind of a voyeur, like me, in which case you’ll really enjoy yourself.

When I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of A Baby Story on TLC or that One Born Every Minute business on A&E, so here you go.  More video of pregnant people going to the hospital to give birth.  The wonderful powers-that-be at Babble saw fit to send me a Flip Cam and I did not disappoint.  I have more video of vagina than Charlie Sheen’s personal porn collection.

Every day for the rest of this week I’m going to post a clip, a little something something, culminating in the grand finale in which I push out a child.  No vagina, though, I promise!  Although Serge did not keep his promise and videotaped my mangled vagina with reckless abandon.

I suggest you pass on the mirror they offer in the delivery room.  Dear God, you just can’t unsee certain things.

So, without further ado, here we are, leaving for the hospital: