Mimijumi Provides Transition from Breast to Bottle


The mimijumi’s “Very Hungry” baby bottle series aims to provide a successful transition from breast to bottle for your little one.

With this bottle quite literally being breast-like in appearance, babies are less likely to have issues transitioning, especially if you have a baby who is picky about their bottles.

An aid to prolonged breast feeding, “a natural way to enhance immunity and prevent obesity and diabetes later in life,” newborns gravitate to this bottle with its unique nipple that mimics that of a breast. The baby is able to latch to the bottle in the same way he/she would latch to the mother. This latch is key, as the baby must latch in order to manipulate the nipple to express milk.

Mimijumi Key Features:

  • Free of BPA and phthalates, the nylon bottle is easy to clean and has a wide mouth for easy filling, a screw on one piece nipple, and a non skid base.
  • Soft silicon nipple is textured and colored to resemble skin, and includes an integrated ventilation system to aid in the baby’s digestion.

Mimijumi, LLC is based in Nashville, TN and was “founded by a team of psychiatrists and designers with a goal of creating infant care products that revolutionize the parenting process.”

Mimijumi’s “Very Hungry” 8 ounce baby bottle and nipples retail for $14.99. The “Not So Hungry” 4 ounce baby bottle and nipples are available for $13.99 nationwide and online at