Mission Impossible—You Just Can't Do That Anymore

35 Weeks

With just about 5 weeks left in my pregnancy I’ve discovered that there are certain things I just can’t do anymore. Things I took for granted throughout my first and second trimester. Tasks that I would inevitably be thwarted by but scoffed at the idea of not being able to actually achieve them.

That day has come.

And while I try my hardest to make it happen there are just some things I cannot do anymore.

They have become my mission impossible.

1. Shave my bikini line and actually be able to see what I am doing. That just seems dangerous.

2. Sleep an entire night without having to get up at least twice to pee. Usually around 2 and again at 4 in the morning.

3. Paint my toes with ease. It’s like I’m a contortionist in a circus act. And it isn’t pretty.

4. Pee in a cup with confidence that I won’t miss. I know at my next prenatal appointment I will probably pee on my hand.

5. Know that by turning sideways I will have more clearance than walking straight through something. I’m now about the same width regardless of which way I’m standing.

What has become mission impossible for you?

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