Mom Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant, Delivers Baby.


Surprise! You’re pregnant and expecting your first child. Woohoo, it’s time to celebrate!

And then, while still in your first trimester, you hear some devastating news. Surprise, you also have breast cancer, and we think the best treatment for you would be to terminate the pregnancy. You can then start radiation and chemotherapy immediately.

Knife to the heart, punch to the gut, and crushing blow to the soul.

That’s how the story went for Amanda Sasher of Shelbyville, Indiana. Except the story doesn’t end here.

Amanda and her husband, Maury, got a second opinion. They decide not to take the first opinion to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, Amanda decided to carry her unborn baby, and undergo a radical double mastectomy while still  pregnant.

Her daughter, Hope Jolene was born earlier this week, perfectly healthy.

“If I would have just went with that doctor like somebody else might have, you know she wouldn’t be here and look at her she is perfectly healthy,” -Amanda,  via WTHR, Indianapolis

Amanda’s story is a story such an inspiring story. Breast cancer during pregnancy can and does happen. It goes to show, even though you might be pregnant, there is no reason to stop self breast examinations and other proactive measures.

We are so happy the both mom and baby are doing well.

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