Mom Weigh In: Strangers Smiling At Your Baby, Creepy Or Flattering?


fake mustache I really LOVE babies. I’m the first one to volunteer to hold a baby in the room and then I hold them so long my arm hurts for days. I smile at every baby I come across at Target. If my husband spots one before I do he says, “Oh no,” while I quickly scan the area until I spot the baby. I faint at the sight of blood but would work at the hospital if it meant I could be in the nursery. Nothing makes me quite as happy as holding a baby.

I do not discriminate. If there’s a baby within twenty feet, I’m smiling and cooing at it. Lately, I’ve been wondering how the parents feel about this. So moms, this is where I need your honest opinions.

When a stranger smiles at your baby and tells you how cute they are, is it creepy or flattering? What’s okay and what’s not?

image: Hanne

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