Mommy Bloggers for Sale: Empowered or Duped?


Gawker has an item today about how mommy bloggers are for sale — and they’re cheap. According to eMarketer statistics, 3.9 million mom bloggers exist. And as reported in a recent New York Times story, a good number of them are willing to be bought and sold.

In the piece, mother bloggers are cited as the “ambassador of brands,” according to a senior vice president of emerging media and brand strategy at 360i. In other words, mommy bloggers are one hot commodity.

These ambassadors have a very deep reach. In a recent Mrs. Meyers Twitter campaign run by an independent agency, for instance, 53 bloggers who participated were paid $50 via a Target gift card to tweet an eco-cleaning tip with a Mrs. Meyers hashtag (with no need to mention a product). The one-month campaign netted 7.68 million Twitter views, and you can bet Mrs. Meyers thinks it got its money’s worth.

On the one hand, it’s impressive and empowering that moms with blogs have that kind of an influence and reach–a far cry from the “Mad Men” episode where Heineken beer is marketed as an upscale beer for suburban housewives and Don Draper’s then wife Betty ends up the butt of the advertising joke at her own party when she buys it hook, line and sinker. Or is it?

What do you think?

Photo via Memoirs of a Minivan Mom