Moms Who Inspire - Who Would You Pick?


Even though here at Babble we love our guilty pleasureswe’re also all about empowering mothers and inspiring individuality, success and inner beauty.

Sometimes it feels so defeating to look at the media and see the most talked about, most read and most tweeted are those moms who are the most unrealistic. Perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect bank account. But that isn’t really what life is all about, is it?

Babble wants to celebrate the moms that influence, inspire and make a difference – in all the ways that *really* matter.

An amazing panel of ladies has come up with their list of 100 Moms Who Are Changing The World, and they’ve included one of my favorites – Liz Lange.  Liz took her vision for fashionable maternity style and brought it not only to the fashion hallways at large – but to us normal people as well.

We’ve been able to finally find stylish wearables and basics that help our regular wardrobe grow with us. Can I get an “amen” for Ms. Lange’s epic contributions to pregnant mamas everywhere?

Peruse the list of 100 – broken into ten different categories including Activism and Creative (where Liz resides), all the way to Politics and Inspirational.  After you see the list – who was left out?

Babble wants your input – your “Mominations” too, even if it’s that fabulous mom down the street who has changed your life and countless others. Who would you pick as a “mominee”? The mom you mominate will be put in the running to win one of ten prizes of $5,000 for the charity of her choice. Amazing, no?

Check out the list fast, the mominations are only open until Sept 6th, winners will be announced on Sept 12th. Please check the rules before entering to make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  Have fun!