Morning Sickness... Morning Sickness... Morning... HURL


I never thought I would make it this pregnancy without vomiting. It seemed like this pregnancy has been a whole new beast, not nearly as bad as my first, but way worse than my second. I was able to successfully keep off the puke monster with my youngest son, I wore that achievement like a gold metal too. Heck I still do!

Starting two months ago I started working on a slideshow of ways to really help deal with morning sickness. Most of which worked wonders with me during this pregnancy. I had a really rough first 14ish weeks, heck today after lunch with my sons I started to feel… not so hot.

In the slideshow I also included what worked best for me:

Eating small meals… this helped a ton, I needed to eat and eating made me feel way better. Until I got hungry again of course.
The Happy Mama Spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby was a life saver… in my first 11 weeks I would have never got through the day without it. I went through two bottles just spraying it on myself, my wrists, and in the air around me. It also saved me on the train ride into New York City during my first trimester. I thought for sure I was going to be a statistic on that one!

What helped you with your morning sickness?

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