Morning Sickness & Warm Places

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In my research on morning sickness I came across a small fact that I never knew before. Noticeably warmer places such as buildings, malls, or even just your home can help increase morning sickness symptoms and even make it worse.

I wish I would have known this three years ago when I was pregnant with my first child because one of the biggest comfort factors for me has always been a warm bath, and bundling up in my sweat clothes just to jump in bed. Never seemed to help make me feel any better though, and I know why now!

Some common things that increase morning sickness symptoms tend to be :

  • Getting up and out of bed too quick in the morning
  • Not enough sleep or rest
  • Greasy or high fat foods

Nothing really new for most of us pregnant women, but I am still shocked by the warm climate link.

What has been your experience with morning sickness and warm places?