Most Ridiculous Baby Shower Presents

What's the weirdest thing you got at a baby shower?

Baby showers are awesome.  It’s a chance to celebrate your baby’s upcoming arrival with all your friends and family and to get some nice baby items that you can use after your baby is born.  A lot of people give really excellent and useful gifts at showers.

However, after talking to some moms, I’ve realized a few people give, ah, gifts that are a bit on the ridiculous side.  So I asked people to tell me the most ridiculous gifts they received at their showers…the answers may surprise you!

“Leather pants” — Krysten

“A leash” — Jennifer

“Candy cigarettes” — Lacey

“A three-piece suit” — Molly

“Some outfits with the tags still on that were, on closer inspection, infested with moth carcasses” — Sara

“A wipe warmer” — Amy

“Condoms.  It was meant as a ‘stop having kids’ gift.” — Alaina

What are the most ridiculous baby shower presents you’ve heard of or received?

Top image by Liz (persipicacious)

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