Mother-to-Mother Pregnancy Health Tips


I was reading babble’s pregnancy feature,  27 pregnancy health tips from mom-doctors and I got to thinking that there’s something about pregnancy that lends itself so nicely to the sage advice of the “real mom.” Though the women offering the 27 tips are doctors, much of their advice seems to come from personal experience, trial and error.

Sure, some new moms can get all up in your grill with dubious advice about a random nutrient or over-priced pregnancy cushion. But mostly women who have recently been through the waddling, frequently urinating, sciatic reality of pregnancy have some pretty useful tips at the ready.

I think every women becomes an expert in some discomfort-aliviating maneuver when pregnant. Of my favorite tips from the mom-doctors: calcium syrup, ice-cream for heartburn and sniffing eucalyptus oil to prevent smell-induced  nausea.

Here’s one I’ve got from my own experience:

I had the worst leg cramps in both pregnancies. Starting in the second trimester I’d get at least one body-writhing calf-clencher a night. I tried all the recommended things, magnesium, potassium, water, stretching. I even tried labor pain-coping techniques when they’d kick in. Nothing worked. But then one day a masseur friend said she’d be happy to work on my calves. She must have gone at them for about thirty good minutes–she just kept kneading and rubbing and pulling and stretching. From that day onwards I never ever had another cramp. Not one. I can’t vouch for every masseur’s ability to untangle a knotted pregnant calf, but hey, it’s worth a try. Worst case is a nice rub down on aching legs.

What is the one health tip would you give a(nother) pregnant woman based on your experience ?

Or what was the one tip you got that helped most?