Motherhood Maternity Fall 2011 Line is "Enchanted"


Motherhood Maternity has released pictures of their Fall 2011 line, and it’s quite evident that their inspiration was the countryside. A quiet, peaceful, leaves-crunching-under-your-boots countryside.

Oh Fall, if only you weren’t thisclose to winter.

According to Child Mode, Motherhood Maternity will release their new line in several collections, starting with mainly greens and then moving onto warmer colors lie copper and rose (like Fall leaves!).

Expect flowing maxi skirts, open cardigans, comfy sweaters, peasant blouses and extra-flaired jeans. There are also a few sexy, flirty, feminine dresses in the bunch.

Take a look at some of the pictures from Motherhood Maternity’s Fall line:

See more pictures of the Motherhood Maternity Enchanted Fall 2011 collection at Child Mode.