Moving While Pregnant: Exciting or Terrible?

I mentioned a while back that we successfully sold our house! It’s really great news because we live in a tiny house and with Baby #3 on the way it was time to find a place with extra living space. The real estate market in my part of MA is crazy awesome right now so we sold our house in 10 days! We’re still on the hunt for our new house but our closing is next week so for now we are going to a temporary apartment until we figure out what to do next.

So we have a plan for someplace to go and we’re getting some money from our house sale and it’s all well and good. Except for the part where we have to actually move.  Biiiiiiig sigh. To say I’ve been crabby about having to pack up and move while 7 months pregnant would be an understatement. In an effort to turn my frown upside down I thought I’d make a list of reasons I should be excited and optimistic about a move this late in my pregnancy.

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    Empty cardboard box

    I'm trying to look on the bright side...let's talk about why this is exciting!

  • Don’t Lift a Finger 2 of 6
    lounging pregnant

    I'm happy to report that my husband has requested I not lift or move anything during this process. He even got mad at me last weekend for carrying a box of toys to our van. I feel a little silly not helping because really--I am lifting my kids all day long. But he has made it clear that moving and lifting household stuff  is entirely his job so I'll plan to take it easy.

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    Playing with children

    The last time I moved I did so with a three year-old and one year-old and I didn't really have many friends around so I had to juggle my kids while packing and moving. (I wasn't exempt from those tasks last time since I wasn't knocked up!) This time around I have lots of mom friends who have taken one look at my pitifully swollen belly and feet and offered repeatedly to take my kids for me so I can get stuff done. I'm pawning my kids off on friends and relatives quite a bit in the next week and I'm happy to do so since it's kind of tough to get organized with them around.

  • Forced Spring Cleaning 4 of 6

    OK, so housekeeping isn't one of my strengths and that whole 'spring cleaning' concept has never really been my thing. But I'm really making an effort this week to wipe down and dust off everything before it gets packed into boxes so I can start with everything clean in the next place. I even washed the covers on the couch cushions! I'm like a regular Martha Stewart. Like many women who experience nesting, I really do like my house to be extra clean before bringing baby home so this time I feel like I got a huge head start.

  • Time to Purge 5 of 6

    My husband often jokes that if it wasn't for him I would be on that 'Hoarders' show. It's true...I do like to save things. But this time I think my nesting instinct is kicking in and I've been getting rid of stuff left and right! I think I'm feeling anxious about having enough space in the apartment for all five of us, so I'm selling furniture, consigning clothes, trashing broken toys. Gone, gone, gone!

  • Nesting Can Commence! 6 of 6
    Interior of nursery.

    When my last two kids were born I felt a bit of stress trying to make space for them in our house. Babies come with a lot of STUFF and I spent weeks rearranging things to make room for baby gear, the changing table, the bouncy chair, etc.  This time, since we're moving into a new space just 8 weeks before Baby #3 arrives, I can arrange everything the way I want it from the start. I'm excited to set up my new space for this baby!

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