MTV Introduces New 16 and Pregnant Cast


Ready for a new season of your favorite teenage train wreck?  I know I certainly am!

MTV released the new trailer including the ten new pregnant teens that are going to be featured on the latest season of their hit series 16 and Pregnant. After three minutes of labor, twins, and police… I knew that come April 19th at 10:00pM EST I must tune in to see how these girls differ from the previous seasons.

Adoption, contractions, twin boys, custody battles, birth control admissions, and everything that the shock factors could bring… Be sure to tune in!   Hopefully this show can and will continue to make teens think twice before choosing to have sex, or become a teen parent, as they seem to be working thus far according to a couple published studies focusing directly on this MTV series.

Check out the video trailer!

Do you plan on watching?
photo: Garcia
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