My Baby is Already Hitting His Brother and He's Not Even Born Yet


Little boy hugging his mother belly.So you guys all know how huge I’ve gotten the last month. I’m proudly strutting my belly all over town and trying to ignore the comments from people who insist I must be “ready to pop!” Um, no, actually I have a couple months left.

The cool part about this phase of pregnancy is that when the baby moves around I can actually SEE it happening.  Around 15 weeks I felt fluttering that turned into tiny kicks and then bigger kicks and now it’s clear he is running out of space. One of my new pastimes is reclining back on the couch to give him lots of space and watch hands, knees, elbows, and feet actually slide across the inside surface of my midsection. It is so, so cool.

The lack of space in my uterus has finally created the opportunity for my three year-old son to really feel his brother move. For months he has been placing his little palm on my belly and exclaiming, “I felt the baby kick!’ even when I knew the baby was sleeping. I played along because I want my son to feel involved and happy about my pregnancy, but I started to wonder if he was ever going to really feel it.

Yesterday I was reclining on the couch and my son came over and placed his cheek on my belly and started to tell me what he wanted for snack. And then suddenly–wham! The baby woke up and punched my son right in the face. He leaped back and looked shocked. I had a jolt of excitement–yes! He finally felt the baby kick! But my son was not as excited. He gingerly held his cheek, scrunched his little face up and yelled, “HEY! The baby THUMPED ME!” Then he stomped away with the angry fury that only a three year-old can muster.

Ah, well. I guess they have a lifetime to learn to get along.

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