My Babywearing Love Affair Will Continue


One of my all time favorite things about having a newborn/baby in the house is being able babywear. I love how baby wearing makes bonding so seamless, being able to be super close to him/her during the day for hours on end. People who say that you can “hold a baby too much”, sorry, but this babywearing mama completely disagrees.

As a busy mom to three other little ones, I love how simple and easy babywearing can make my hectic life.

I’m often asked by new and expecting moms which carriers I love the best. Such a loaded question, I adore so many of them for different reasons.

Because this week is International Babywearing Week, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share with you some of my carriers and why I love them.

Looking through these photos my myself wearing my other children, gets me so excited to do it all over again!

The Collection (through the years):

  • Ergo Carrier 1 of 9
    Ergo Carrier
    I never thought I would like the "structure" of the Ergo, but it's quickly become my go-to carrier, especially as my babies become heavier.
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  • Mod Mum Pouch 2 of 9
    Mod Mum Pouch
    I love Mod Mum pouches because they are easy to use, and the price, at $35(ish), is right.
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  • Lovey Duds Wrap 3 of 9
    Lovey Duds Wrap
    The Lovey Duds wrap is great because it's super light weight and so very pretty. Endless fabric combinations let you truly get a custom product.
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  • Mei Tai 4 of 9
    Mei Tai
    Mei Tai carriers are carriers with straps that you tie in the back. My favorite brand of Mei Tai carrier is a BabyHawk. Pictured above is a Mei Tai carrier I bought off Etsy.
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  • Moby Wrap 5 of 9
    Moby Wrap
    I love the Moby wrap because it's simple, so functional, and my husband will even wear it. At only $44.95, it makes a great gift for any new mom.
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  • Beana Baby Boutique Sling 6 of 9
    Beana Baby Boutique Sling
    This is an adjustable ring sling. Perfect for newborns all the way up through toddlers. Some women can even breastfeed wearing a ring sling!
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  • Boba Wrap (Formerly Sleepy Wrap) 7 of 9
    Boba Wrap (Formerly Sleepy Wrap)
    Wraps are absolutely perfect for newborns. My babies would sleep for hours in mine, loving it as I moved around and did chores around the house.
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  • Maya Wrap 8 of 9
    Maya Wrap
    The Maya Wrap (technically a ring sling) is one of the "originals" that have been around for years. Tried and true, you can't go wrong.
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  • Ergo Performance Carrier 9 of 9
    Ergo Performance Carrier
    The Performance Ergo is perfect for active parents, especially in warmer climates.
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Will you be wearing your new baby? Which carrier is your favorite?