My Biggest Fear When I Was Pregnant, Revealed (It's Probably Not What You Think)

My Biggest Fear When I Was Pregnant, RevealedAll right, to be honest, what I am about to share with you isn’t literally my biggest pregnancy fear. If you take out all the real serious things like anything happening that would jeopardize the health of the baby or myself then yes, this was one of my biggest fears when I was pregnant. I like being dramatic and well, obviously the serious things were my biggest concern. Technically. Now that I got that out of the way… yes, my “biggest fear.” I think  it all started because of my love for cheesy tv shows and movies. They never really get the whole near-the-end of pregnancy thing right and they love to be as dramatic as possible. When I was pregnant with my oldest, Speed (he’s now 6-years old) I had not really had any experience being around pregnant women. I was the first in my family (well, other than my mom obviously), the first of my friends and I had, at that point, never even seen a real live newborn baby. I was reading and all that stuff, but going by what I saw on my television screen I was terrified that a certain something would happen to me… You know on TV shows where they have those dramatic OMG moments with the pregnant character in the supermarket? She is always like a few weeks from her due date and suddenly the camera pans up to her face when she’s just minding her own business and her facial expression changes — and then you hear:

Oh no! My water just broke.

That is always followed up with a camera pan down to her being ankle deep in water as she grasps the hand of the nearby and totally afraid teenager who’s minding his own business restocking the oranges. What happens next is a totally unrealistic storyline of mommy giving birth in the water puddle while onlookers watch in terror as the teenager assists in the birth of the baby. So yeah, that is what I was afraid of. When I think about it now, I realize it was totally silly and not likely to happen, but at that time I was already terrified of what I was about to experience, first time mom and all. It was my biggest fear! Thankfully, it didn’t happen. (Yet?!)

:: What were you afraid would happen when you were pregnant? You know, the funny-not-totally serious stuff !::

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