My Dilemma: Should I Have My Baby Boy Circumcised?


Ever since I found out we are having a boy, I just assumed he would be circumcised. I seriously thought that all parents had their baby boys circumcised. Well, over the past few days, I’ve had a lot of girlfriends ask me what my husband and I are choosing to have done. Are we choosing to leave him uncircumcised, or are we going to have him circumcised before we leave the hospital?

What? Wait a second. We have a choice? Crap. Now, I’m utterly confused.

Turns out, I have quite a few girlfriends that have left their little boys un-circumcised, and they have raised valid points as to why they made that choice. On the flip side, I also have a lot of girlfriends that have chosen to circumcise their boys, and they have raised valid points as well.

I think my husband only wants to have our son circumcised because that’s just what feels normal to him. We haven’t really discussed the possibility of leaving the hospital with our son being uncircumcised. Now I feel like time is running out to make a decision, and I’m scrambling to research both choices.

I’m curious… where do you stand on this? For those of you pregnant with boys, have you decided what you’re going to do? For all of you mamas with sons, what did you decide to have done, and why?