My First Pregnancy Craving


Up until this point in my pregnancy I have managed to avoid the crazy pregnancy cravings I’ve heard so many women talk about.

Well, mark this on the calendar:  At 23 weeks pregnant I finally had one of my own.

One of my friends mentioned chocolate chip cookies this past weekend and ever since I could think of nothing else.  So tonight, despite the fact that I am a positively terrible baker, I made some cookies of my own.

I quickly realized that baking while pregnant doesn’t always work so well.  I totally improvised on the recipe based on what sounded good at the moment.  The good new is that while the cookies were super ugly, they were also super delicious.

See my final product and the cookie recipe after the jump! (Note: these are totally not healthy)

This is what the cookies were supposed to look like:

This is what my cookies looked like:

If you want to check out the tweaks I made to the recipe and my take on these cookies, head over to my blog to read my post about it.  But, here’s the link to the recipe for the original (read: much prettier) cookies over at Tender Crumb.

What have you craved during your pregnancy?  Anything weird?  Please share!

Photo Source:

{Pretty cookie photo: via Tender Crumb}

{Ugly cookie photo: my own}