My Four Weird Baby Name Rules


This Christmas was our last Christmas ‘alone.’ We kept joking that this year, we are 2.4, and next year, there will be 3 of us. It floors me to think that next Christmas, we’ll have a 6-month old baby in our arms. I can’t wait to meet the little guy or girl!

My husband, who is named Kristien, actually didn’t have a name for the first 6 weeks of his life. They just called him ‘baby’ (yes, really!). At that time in England, you had until 6 weeks to name your child, and his parents argued his name until they were literally standing in line to finalize his birth certificate. His mom wanted Joshua; his dad wanted Kristien. Clearly, dad won out.

Hopefully, we won’t have so much trouble deciding on a name! 

We have already decided on a girl’s name, but we’re stuck on an option for a boy. We have a few contenders, though. So we opened the debate up to our family, something I know that most people aren’t willing to do. But I want to know if my mother-in-law isn’t thrilled by a particular name! Or if my sister-in-law has already ‘claimed’ a name for her own.  Most of my relatives are pretty good, however, about not saying, “EW! I HATE THAT NAME!”

We have four quirky name requirements:

  • It Can’t Be A Nickname-able Name: As a Caitlin who was called Katie for the first 20 years of my life, I do not like nicknames. I want to name my child what I want people to call him or her. So names like Nathan (will be shortened to Nate) or Daniel (Dan) are automatically out.
  • It Can’t be A Unisex Name: This is my husband’s rule. He does not like names that can be either for a girl or a boy, like Chris or Sam.
  • It Can’t Be A ‘-den’ Name: Caden, Aiden, Camden… I just don’t like the way they sound, especially with our last name.
  • It Can’t Be ‘Weird': If I tell my grandpa my name idea, and he says, “What?” it’s out the window.  It has to be a well-established name, not something trendy.

Are you open to hearing baby name advice from relatives and friends, or do you keep your name choices a secret? Do you have any ‘rules’ for names like we do?

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