My Heart Won Out: Coping with Infertility


infertility, infertility and tears“It won’t do me any good to cry,” I told my husband early this morning.

I know this by now.

Crying is the least effective way to bring about the things that you want so badly.

And I went about my morning, busying myself with taking my daughter to ballet, tidying up the house, doing a couple loads of laundry.

Until my heart won the battle and I sat there on the floor amidst the laundry and cried.

Another unsuccessful cycle.

Logically, I know that we the Clomid/IUI treatment boosted us to only a 20% chance of getting pregnant.

Logically, I know that we’ve only completed one of three cycles that our doctor recommended.

Logically, I know that we’ll regroup and ready ourselves for our next cycle.

But, my heart won out this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will pick myself up again. but there’s simply no stopping the tears today.

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