My (Imaginary) Pregnant Celebrity BFF

Greetings and welcome to my first post at Being Pregnant! My name is Rebekah and I’m a 38-year-old mom living in the D.C. area. My son C is 4 and I’m 18 weeks pregnant with baby number two, or as I’m calling this little bundle, the New Kid. Some of you may already know me from my blog Mom-in-a-Million. I’m looking forward to joining the crew here and sharing my thoughts and musings on the world of pregnancy and beyond.

One of my dirty little secrets is that I loooooovvvveeeee the Kardashians. Sometimes I love to hate them, but mostly I just love tuning into a family loaded with dynamic women who do things that are so far out of my experience that they might as well live on a different planet. Planet Balenciaga, I believe. Whereas I live on Planet Old Navy.

My Kardashian obsession is the only thing that explains why, when I saw a picture of pregnant Kourtney Kardashian walking along the beach on my US Weekly phone app, I wanted to squeal and Tweet her about how good she looks.

I’ve been all excited about Kourtney’s second pregnancy since she and boyfriend Scott Disick announced it. She is about as many weeks along as I am! She also has a little boy already! I watch her on TV every week! That makes us totally besties, right? We can text each other and compare weight gain and bitch about maternity clothes! Yay! I have a pregnant friend!

Except for the part where I don’t know Kourtney Kardashian at all and she’d hire a lawyer to serve me with scary papers if I tried sending her pregnancy comparison messages.

There is no earthly reason I should be thinking of Kourtney as my pregnancy BFF. I know plenty of people in real life — people who will take my calls — who are pregnant or have been recently and are happy to talk baby-baking turkey with me. But for some reason, seeing a favorite celeb growing a bump in tandem with mine makes me feel like we’re bonded for life.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time I’ve developed an imaginary famous pregnant friend. I’ve never told anyone this but during my first pregnancy, I was glued to the first season of Tori and Dean: Inn Love largely because Tori was going through the same kind of normal-but-neurotic pregnancy that I was experiencing and she made me feel better about my own insecurities. I would sit on my couch in my pajamas watching Tori try to set up her bed-and-breakfast between OB visits and think “She gets it! I’m so glad someone else gets it!” A totally ridiculous thought, especially given that my real best friend, a woman I’ve know for 30 years, was exactly one week more pregnant than I was at the time and we talked DAILY about pregnancy. So, what role was Tori really filling in my life? Who knows.

I can only think that this goofy identification with pregnant celebrities is sort of an extension of those features in tabloids that show famous people grocery shopping and pumping gas under the heading “They’re Just Like Us!”. Only in this case, we want them to appear with swollen ankles and a fistful of Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies. You know. So, we know we’re not alone.

Were any other celebs pregnant at the same time as you? Did you enjoy following their pregnancy in the news?

Photo credit: biewoef

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