My Natural Birthing Story

In the throes of labor...

Before I head on over to my new Babble blogging gig at Baby’s First Year, I wanted to thank all of you who read along with my pregnancy journey here at Being Pregnant.  As a first time mama-to-be there were plenty of times I felt like I was floundering without a clue, but the support that I was provided with through this community of mamas and other mamas-to-be was so encouraging and invaluable during my journey.

I also wanted to invite you all to read about Fern’s birth story over at my blog The Little Things We Do.  If you remember, I had decided to give birth at a free-standing birthing center and I would be doing it naturally…sans drugs…not even a Tylenol.

Well, in case you were wondering how it went…

It was amazing!  I had an incredible experience and would definitely do it exactly the same way the next time around.  Feel free to check out my birth story here, and thanks for reading along with me.

I’ll be blogging about baby Fern’s first year of life over at Baby’s First Year now, so please feel free to stop in and follow along with Fern and I as I try to figure out this whole parenting thing!

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