My OB Said What?!

Some of these quotes will blow your mind!

Doctors aren’t exactly known for their stellar bedside manner.  The theory is that while super smart people excel in the academic department, their social skills are lacking.  After all, everyone can’t be awesome at everything.

Although my OB is awesome at everything. He’s an all around swell fellow and I highly recommend Dr. Jason Johnson in Salt Lake City. (his wife, Dr. Sarah Johnson is a pediatrician in the same building: score!)

Sadly, other women, like Catherine Skol, for example, have suffered greatly at the hands of their doctors. As Strollerderby reported in 2009, “Scott Pierce, who was filling in for the Catherine Skol’s primary OB, was so incensed that she hadn’t called him before heading to the hospital (an instruction her main OB had never given her) that he decided she “deserved” pain, refused an epidural, put her in intentionally painful positions, insisted she push before she was sufficiently dilated, kept telling her she was going to hemorrhage, wouldn’t give her enough anesthesia before stitching her up and told her husband to “hold her down” instead, and talked loudly and crudely on a cell phone about an abortion in the room.”

Skol sued.

Okay, that’s jacked up.

Now, that kind of behavior, including shocking quotes from doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel is chronicled on a website I just stumbled onto.  It’s called My OB Said WHAT?!? and is chock full of jaw-dropping incidents that really happened to pregnant women.

For example:

OB: Have you been doing your Kegel exercises?”
Mother: “Not religiously…why is that bad?”
OB: “Well…you won’t have any issues having another baby or anything but I’m fairly certain your husband will be able to tell.” – OB to mother at 6 week postpartum check up.

“I don’t have time to wait for your cord to stop pulsing. I am a very busy doctor with other patients who may be waiting for me.” OB to mother during discussion of her birth plan.

“I am not prepared to repair what will certainly be an explosion down here!”- OB to mother who, during pushing, stated that she did not want an episiotomy, but preferred to tear.

“It’s JUST labor.” L&D nurse to mother who stated that it hurt at 9 cm of dilation.

“I’ll have to ask about that and I’m not sure they’ll allow it because you will be setting your infant up for an infection if you don’t bathe her right away. Amniotic fluid is very unsanitary and she was swimming in it…it contains hairs that she cast off in utero at 20 weeks.” L&D Nurse to mother who requested waiting 24 hours after birth to bathe her baby.

“The monitor says you aren’t contracting, so you aren’t. If you were really in labor, you’d want to kill everyone. You have at least a week to go.” L&D nurse to mother shortly before being sent home. She birthed 12 hours later.

“Just by looking at you, I can tell that you will have pre-eclampsia.” OB to mother at 35 weeks.

I could go on and on. Warning! Once you click over to the site you will not be able to stop reading.

What about you? Has your OB or any other hospital personnel said something of similar ilk to you? How did you respond?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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