Myth: All Infertile Women Hate Mother's Day


breakfast in bed Once a week I’m hoping to bust a myth about infertility since there are so many out there. This week, let’s talk about Mother’s Day.

I’m sure you’ve heard of infertile women complaining about how difficult the holiday is and how they just want to stay home and hide under a blanket. While I completely understand those feelings and admit that I have been less than enthused in the past, this year I’ve decided to approach the day with a more positive attitude. I like moms. So this Mother’s Day instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, why don’t you:

– Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your husband.
– Write a letter of gratitude to your mom, grandma, or other mothers you admire.
– Go on a bike ride.
– Make a cake.
– Or cupcakes.
– Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

While Mother’s Day can be a hard day for some, it’s still one of the most important celebrations all year. As a future mother–who happens to be dealing with infertility–I look forward to celebrating motherhood.

image: Jordan Ferney

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