Nameless In The Final Countdown: Poll!


Name That Baby!

Yesterday marked 37 weeks which means sometime in the next 2-3 weeks we’ll have a beautiful baby boy or girl.

Who at this point remains nameless. That is to say – we have not put much thought or time into name-storming. (Yes, it’s a verb). Until today.

Writing this post certainly led us to refining our rather large list, finding some dandy online sources, such as this Baby Name Index and my personal fave; Baby Namer!

I turn to the vast knowledge and experience of you! What should we name our multi-racial, urban, and probably geeky-cool kid of the future? You can choose more than 1.
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Names I covet but am not allowed to have; (in knowing more than 2 people as of recent who have scooped them up), but maybe you can! Willow and Sage.

Looking for more inspiration? How about Gourmet Baby Names? 50 food-inspired monikers for boys and girls.