Does Pregnancy Make You A Germ-a-Phobe? It Did Natalie Portman!


natalie portman pregnant germsSANITIZE! SANITIZE! SANITIZE!

FEAR OF GERMS WHILE PREGNANT! This is a rumored twitch among celebrity, Natalie Portman.

Natalie is pregnant with her first child, is reportedly carries hand sanitizer everywhere and doesn’t like to shake hands or stand near people as a precautionary method in fear of catching an unwanted bug.

I’m on team Natalie Portman with this one. While I don’t fret from shaking a hand or from standing near people – I do carry hand sanitizer and surely don’t want to catch some unwanted bug! Nothing says misery like being sick while pregnant.

Source: {Vancouver Sun}

Do you blame her? Did pregnancy make you a germ-a-phobe?