Nesting: Not Fun

Time to make room for Grand Finale. (This is obviously not him. He'll be even cuter.)

As Caroline’s pregnancy rolls right along, she and I are left with the daunting task of making space for our little one. The good news is that Caroline figured it all out. And this past Sunday we were to put her plan in action. Long story short, everyone would stay put, and we’d convert the current playroom to the nursery and move the playroom down to the basement. And I was totally onboard. Until my wife woke me up at 3 am Sunday morning, mere hours before we were to begin, with an announcement.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Coupla quick things here: first, logistical conversations involving permanent living arrangements for our five children should never go down at 3 am. But second, my wife is pregnant and can therefore do whatever the hell she wants whenever she wants to do it.

[feigning graciousness] “That’s cool, honey. What’s the new plan?”

“We’re gonna move the boys to the playroom and give them Alli’s bunk bed, then we’ll give Alli that green bed we have in storage.”

“Okay,” I answered slowly, suddenly realizing that Plan B would be a lot more work. “If the boys are in the playroom, does that mean the baby will be in the boys’ room?”

“No. They’ll the baby will be in Kirby’s room.”

“So where will Kirby be?”

“In the boys’ room.”

Follow? Don’t worry. I didn’t, either. So Caroline explained further.

“It’s simple. Alli’s bunk beds will be moved to the playroom. Only we won’t use them as bunk beds any more. They’ll be side by side. We’ll put the green bed where her beds used to be. We’ll move Kirby to the boys’ old room.

“What’s Kirby gonna do for a bed?”

“Glad you asked,” my wife answered. “You’ll go and pick up the furniture that was in my room when I was a little girl. My mom has it stored. There’s a bed, two tables, two lamps, a dresser and some other stuff. Of course, you’ll need to break down Kirby’s old bed (a big-ass number that used to be Caroline’s grandmom’s) and move it to storage.

Oh goody.

“Then, to make room for all of Kirby’s new stuff, we’ll have to break down the boys’ cribs. We’ll put one in storage and move the other to Kirby’s old room which will now be the nursery.”

I was under the impression there’d be no math?

So later that day, that’s exactly what went down. Since Caroline can’t lift anything, she recruited her friend to help. And if you’re keeping score at home, that’s a total of three beds we broke down (if you count the bunk beds as two), as well as two cribs, mind you. And, that’s two beds that we put back together. And one crib of course. Oh. And countless trips to the storage unit.

When the dust settled, everyone except for our oldest had a new room and I had a sore back. But, perhaps much more importantly, Caroline had a smile on her face.

And I must say, though her last minute change of plans caught me off guard, and though it was a lot of work, everyone’s room looks great.

Only one problem: we now have three toddlers in new rooms, two of them sleeping in “big boy” beds for the first time ever. Which means that Caroline’s smile has officially turned into a frown. Because we’re two nights and counting with little to no sleep.

At least Alli’s sleeping well. Of course, she’s pretty tired and all given that she came down with strep throat. Which was a nice little wrinkle throughout this drama.

I will say this, though… once we all get back on track, things really will be great. And what’s even better is that the baby’s room looks fantastic. And that makes Caroline very, very happy.

Which makes me happy.

Still…nesting—not fun, y’all. Effective, but not fun. Have you begun to nest yet? Was it fun?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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