Nesting: Oh! The Insanity!

Hello. My name is Rebekah. I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant and I can’t. stop. nesting.

(“Hi Rebekah!” the other pregnant ladies chorus brightly.)

This nesting thing is new to me because I was in a rental for my first pregnancy. I do remember spending at least one weekend urgently nagging my husband into putting together the nursery furniture right now, but the rest of my house stayed untouched.

Not so this time.

It started innocently enough with plans to fix a broken shower. As soon as we signed the agreement to have our upstairs shower retiled, I began hounding the nice lady at the contracting company about add-ons to the project. How about a new sink faucet to match the new one in the shower? What about a new sink and toilet in the downstairs bathroom, too? I’m actively holding back from asking if they can also repaint the upstairs bathroom while they’re in there. I can probably do that myself, along with recaulking the tub. How hard can recaulking be, right? The stuff to recaulk only cost $15 at the hardware store last weekend. It’s gotta be easy if it’s that cheap.

After we the finish the domino-effect project of our bathroom facelifts, the living room carpet has to go. I’ll have that room recarpeted but the nasty Pepto-pink, dog-stained carpet that has been in our guest room since we moved in? That’s gonna go in the trash to expose the pretty hardwood underneath. I plan to have the crew who does the new living room carpet rip it out and haul it away but my in my hormone-addled state, I keep looking at the edges of the carpet and speculating that I could rip that sucker up myself. Then I could use Orange Clean to shine up the floors like I saw on that blog and get a pretty area rug from Ikea and…

Breathe. Slow down. Do not rip up any carpet.

I may have hit bottom yesterday when I went into Target to pick up laundry detergent and came out with $300 worth of new bedding and curtains. Remember the pink guest room carpet? Well, the walls in there are pink too. I had though about repainting but yesterday I had the brilliant idea to buy a lot of chocolate brown accents to coordinate with the pink and save myself the effort of repainting. But the sheets and valances don’t seem like enough to carry the new accent through so I’m gearing up for trip to the craft store to get stuff to do some wall art. And maybe an Ikea run for a small bookcase. And a reading chair. Ooooo, yeah! A reading chair would be great in there!  Maybe also new lamps for the living room and…

Clearly, I have a problem.

People who know me are probably laughing into their sleeves at all of this. I’m not a decorator. In the two years we’ve been in this house, I haven’t even managed to put curtains in the master bedroom or art on the walls in my son’s room. I decided I hated my kitchen table a year ago but it’s still sitting in the kitchen because I’d rather read, or write, or watch reality tv than deal with home decor. This manic, insatiable urge to touch up the scuffed paint on my baseboards and shop for curtain rods is an entirely unknown phenomenon for me. I think it’s scaring my husband. It’s certainly scaring our bank account.

I keep telling myself I’ll get the nesting in check right after the next project. But spring is coming and the garden needs sooooo much work before I’m too big to dig.  And I haven’t even started on the baby’s room yet. I should totally look at nursery pictures on Pinterest for inspiration!

Tell me I’m not alone, fellow pregnant ladies! Tell me you’re nesting madly too! Please?

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